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Dirk Weiblen

Brand Strategy, Concept Design, Interior Design, Site Supervision
About This Project

Celebrating coffee’s intangible pleasures, Alberto Caiola translates coffee’s aromatic vapors into a sculptural ceiling that is the centrepiece for this café in Shanghai. Gently sloping away from the counter, the striking installation becomes at once canopy and stage for baristas to perform their art.


Rich and dark in color, the ceiling’s ‘fumes’ evoke the depth of the drink itself, winding up and beyond the venue’s glass façade. Lending a sense of movement to the entire space, the installation creates a partially covered area for attractive outdoor seating in warmer weather.


An eye-catching wall installation comprises an explosion of iconic Moka coffee pots in various sizes. Their presence is intensified by a large mirror spanning the space, amplifying the objects to a kind of love letter to Italy’s signature brew.


To create the illusion of a larger space, furniture is finished with a reflective surface. The design approach sees fittings effectively blend in to their surroundings, all the while offering alternative vistas to guests both standing and seated.


Seating areas are partitioned to allow for a diversity of functions. When viewed from outside, a large window frame accommodates customers both inside and out.  Meanwhile, an inside communal table is positioned in the middle of the space. Additional bar stool seating lines the right hand side of the café.


A stark combination of textures creates contrast, with sleek new elements positioned against stripped walls exposing the building’s shikumen bricks [a traditional, turn-of-the-century housing style, typical of Shanghai]. Painted white to best reflect natural light, they complement the space’s bi-folding window for a comfortable guest experience.


为传递咖啡所带来的无形愉悦,Alberto CaiolaFumi Coffee的天花板升级为一件装置作品,用流线型的雕塑造型来影射咖啡的香气四溢。雕塑在吧台处微微倾斜的角度,为咖啡师的技艺展示提供了华盖与舞台。










Fumi Coffee的整体采用了对比鲜明的材质来制造视觉反差,现代感十足的反射材质紧靠着由石库门老砖所组成的粗糙墙面,被漆成白色的墙体增强了自然光照,与开放式的双折叠窗户一起,为来店顾客提供了最为舒适的体验。